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About Us

Audio Sanctuary is a non-profit, non-commercial radio service that highlights the creative work of independent sound artists, and exposes them to new audiences. This is a service of Audio Sanctuary, Inc.

We launched on 01 January 2020, starting fresh with a new decade. We also incorporated on that day.

Audio Sanctuary clears its content either directly wth the copyright holders, or through Creative Commons. This allows us full control over our streams, and also encourages us to emphasize independent artists.

Our values include a dedication to quality and continual improvement in everything that we do; and a dedication to creativity and compelling content. Audio Sanctuary aims to build a community of excellence, equity and diversity.

Audio Sanctuary, Inc., is incorporated under the laws of Colorado, USA, and does not raise or receive gross revenue in excess of the amount permitted in 6-16-104(6), C.R.S.